You are very welcome - although our guardsman is looking so grim.

We are members of "Eesti Maaturism" - Estonian Rural Tourism - and "Eesti Noortehostelite √úhendus" - Estonian Youth Hostels Association - and offer accommodation according to their high standards. So we supply budget accommodation you can trust - for travellers of all ages.

Cut your costs without compromising on quality or comfort.

linen supplied towel where to wash shower breakfast cooking heating
Camping (tent) sanitary room / well 2.- € outside kitchen with fridge
Dormitory rent rent sanitary room / well 2.- € self-service* outside kitchen with fridge
Camping houses rent sanitary room self-service* outside kitchen with fridge
Private rooms h/c washbasin in room
shared toilet and shower.
kitchen, fridge and minibar in room
*Self-service: cutlery/crockery, coffee-maker, electric kettle supplied.

The camping site has got sufficient room for up to 100 persons. Camp fires may be lit; the sandy ground is very convenient in heavy showers - it will be dry again soon after the rain. In the centre of the site there are three flag poles and a wooden tent in Laponian style with a fireplace. Seven persons can sleep there (or 20 can gather round the open fire). - Of interest to scouts and other youth groups: we rent out a marquee for about 40 persons.

Folding seats and tables for about 40 persons are available as well. For larger groups we have a roofed, but open kitchen place with a stove, gas cookers and pots and pans for bigger quantities of food.

Foodstuff can be stored in a cellar and in metall boxes. In the wood shed there is sufficient wood for cooking and campfires.

For the lovers of barbecues we supply gas and charcoal grills of various sizes (for grill sausages as well as for lambs).

Our electric washing machine may be used at a small fee.

For mobile homes and caravans there are four sites in the shade of big trees. Electricity is supplied. There are plenty of parking lots, too.

Simple accomodation is supplied in two radiator-heated camping houses with a double bed and bunk bed each. There are a coffee maker, an electric kettle and cutlery/crockery for cold dishes at your convenience. Drinking water has to be collected at a spring on the river bank or at the well in the farm yard.

It is possible to wash at the tub with cold water, in the lavatory or in the river. In the sauna you can have a hot shower.

In summer we will pitch a sauna tent for up to 6 people on the river bank.

With respect to toilets you can make your choice: there are an old-fashioned dry toilet and flush toilets as well.

The drinking water is pumped up from a well 70 meters under ground and is conditioned for human use. There is a shaft-well in old Estonian style, too.

Very basic accommodation can be found in our "kainestusmaja" ("sobering-up cell") in bunk beds for 6 people. Mattress, woolen blankets and a covered pillow in a clean room - you can't think of anything more simple and uncomplicated.
You can even prepare a small meal.

High quality B&B rooms are on offer on the first floor of the old farm house. Two spacious rooms with double beds and a smaller double room are equipped with minibar, settee and hot & cold water. An ample breakfast buffet will be at your disposal. You can watch Sat-TV in the sitting room or just browse Estonian, German or English papers or magazines. A shared toilet and a shower are in separate rooms.

Breakfast table
Sitting room
Our smallest bedroom.

Our standard double.

The holiday home is especially designed for self-catering families with children but is suitable for small groups, too. A double room, two single rooms, a twin room (bunk beds) and two sofas can be used by up to eight persons. A large, high and bright living room, letting the sun in from morning till evening through spacious windows, with a built-in sitting gallery offers ample space for them, whether round the open fire place or at the dining table. The house is heated by radiators and by firewood in a specially designed stove. A fully equipped kitchenette with refrigerator, microwave oven etc. enables more ambitious dishes. A veranda to the south-west is intended for sitting in the open on sunny afternoons till late at night.

For your entertainment there are a Sat-TV set, a video player (including a small collection of video films in English and German), various board and card games, shaker and dice, a small library and an audio system. Wireless internet access and GSM phone will keep you connected to the world.

Ground floor
1 - hall
2 - bathroom
3 - sauna
4 - sitting room
5 - bedroom (bunks)
6 - double room
First floor
7 - second level veranda
8 - single room
9 - single room

The bathroom has got a shower and a flush toilet. There is a sauna in the house, too. Bed linen is included in the rent; towels and sauna towels will be supplied on request.

Holiday home and B&B rooms can be used comfortably all year round, even in the coldest winter!