Venues for socializing and events

Bringing people together makes the world a better place!

If you would like to be all on your own, you may do so. There is much room to walk or sit alone.

But we have taken the neccessary precautions for people who prefer to socialize. What about sitting around a fire, either in the open
(pictures coming soon)

or inside a wooden Laponian teepee?

It's a good place to talk, sing, eat, drink ... Up to 20 people can sit there.

In our Jurte there is room for about 25 people. You can tap your pints yourselves and use the music centre.
Electric floor heating and additional radiators enable hot parties even in cold winter.

Sitting round the fire, having a barbecue, singing, talking, drinking ... it's great fun.

If you would like to entertain a larger crowd of up to 40 persons, the pub / function room should be more convenient. It can be used all year round. A big stove keeps it warm even in coldest winter.

Feel free to play the instruments if you are able to do so - hands off if you only want to practice!
Sitting on the veranda

There are 24 seats on the outside veranda, weather permitting.

" When in Rome, do like the Romans do!" Estonians like to socialize in the sauna: taking a good sweat pouring loads of water onto hot stones, cooling down again under a cold shower or in the snow outside, getting dry again in front of the fire place, and starting the whole procedure over and and over again,
with a cold beer before and after and even in between.
"When in Estonia, do like the Estonians do!"

If you can stay a few days ...

Some tips we have already made in fitness and wellness. For hunters and adventurous people we have some special and attractive proposals:

Canoe tours

We organize day tours or tours with overnights on the rivers Mustjõgi and Koiva/Gauja. We'll take you and the canoes to the starting point. If you want a tour of more than one day, we'll equip you with a tent and sleeping bags. On the banks of Koiva/Gauja there are several resting places. At the end of the tour we will pick you up again.

Similar conditions apply to tours on Väike-Emajõgi. You will start off at our place and can paddle down the river till Tartu if you feel strong enough ... There we will pick you up again.

We have to adjust the detailed plan of the tour together with you in order to avoid any standard proceedures.

Stalking and hunting tours

We arrange the contact to a local hunter by previous enquiery. You can discuss all necessary details with him.