Fitness and wellness
Are you a "couch potato"? Then you should better stay at home and watch TV!

Here are a few suggestions for outdoor activities:
We have got all the trail maps of our area and can lend them to you. Moreover we have worked out walking paths of various lengths.
We rent out bicycles and can give you advice where to go.
Up the river the beavers have their burrows.
Bird and game watching
A friendly neigbouring huntsman agreed to accompany you on a stalking tour in the forests nearby and advice you about wildlife in Estonia. In our vicinity you can meet beavers, elks, wild boars, deer. Sometimes you might even watch bears and wolves. - Good hunting!
We have to contact our neighbour a few days ahead to make an appointment.
Bird watching is much fun because there is big variety of birds around here. Ask us for a pair of fieldglasses and spot them on your own, from sparrows to eagles, from titmice to wild geese!
We will gladly organize canoe trips for one or several days on the rivers Mustjõgi and Koiva/Gauja.



Taking a bath in the river

Going to Karula Rahvuspark (National park)

To end up an exciting and exhausting day relax in the sauna!