Mind and soul
Do you like music?
  • Rock?
  • Folk?
  • Blues?
  • Punk?
It's all on our agenda. We know the bands, performers, musicians -
just make your choice!
Would you like to learn more about Estonia?
  • about history?
  • about economy?
  • about politics?
  • about any other topics?
Just tell us what you are especially interested in - we will help with our contacts and experience!
Planning any outings?
  • To manor houses in the vicinity?
  • To places of historical interest?
  • Interested in guided tours of Valga/Valka or Tartu?
  • Any more places of common or special interest?
We will organize an intriguing outing you will remember for a long time!
Would you like to experience "real" Estonia?
  • We will make you meet Estonians at their homes!
  • Taste Estonian dishes!
  • Taste the local beers & boozes!
You just have to tell us and we will make it happen.