Scouts and guides
Having been a scout in his boyhood and in his prime, the owner of Kalda talu has experienced the values of sharing. There are lots of things you can share with others: your opinions, your ideas, your beliefs, your faith, your abilities, your songs ...
Believe me: when you are sharing something with others, you won't get poorer but richer, for you will get twice as much back.
Of course - you have to curious about others, openminded to new experiences, interested in other ways of life ...
That's why I keep supporting young people who join with others, who live together in groups, who are eager to get to know the whole spectrum of life.
Do you feel that way, too? So you are welcome here!
Scouts, guides and other members of independent youth organizations can be sure to get any help and support they need.
Interested to be a scout or a guide yourself? Or to support the idea of Scouting?
Under Links you will find more information.