General survey

The farm "Kalda" in Iigaste/South Estonia

is situated in the border area towards Latvia, 20 km away from the border town of Valga/Valka on the road to Otepää and Tartu. Riga and Tallinn are about the same distance away - what should be of interest to clients of Ryan Air and Easyjet.

The village of Iigaste is part of Tolliste community, the nearest hamlet being Laatre. There are a GP's surgery, a pharmacy and grocery shops. The local administration is situated there, too.

Iigaste is an agricultural area, surrounded by thick forests. To the west is the town of Valga/Valka, divided between Estonia and Latvia, to the east is the winter sports area around Otepaa, to the south stretches the Karula National Park, a landscape of wooded hills with numerous small lakes. Predominant activities are all about roaming the countryside: in summer by walking, jogging, biking, swimming, canoeing, in winter cross-country skiing, tobogganing, ice-skating and ski-jumping. At any rate there is a lot to discover in fauna and flora all year around.

Excursions to the university town of Tartu and to the seaside resort and spa of Parnu make an interesting break.

The farmsted of "Kalda" (which can be translated as "sloping, near a river bank") is situated in a wide bend of the "Vaike Emajogi" river, that nourishes lake "Worts" and flows on passing through Tartu to lake "Peipsi". It is possible to tour the river by canoe, doing a lot of bathing and swimming on the way. There is a good chance to get some fish on the rod as well.

The birds' habitat is a real temptation to bird watchers. Many quite rare species can be watched. - There are beavers in the river, and a lot of deer and small game pay frequent visits to the farm.

Being situated inside the river bend and at the end of the accessing road, farm life is tranquil, quiet and undisturbed. Byking and hiking is a good pastime on paths very rarely used by motorized vehicles.

The farm offers ample space for various groups of guests at a time. Camping sites and accomodation buildings are set up in a way that prevents any interference.

Besides the town Valga/Valka and the university city of Tartu there are a variety of sightseeing places in the neighbourhood: both for the historical and cultural interested and the lovers of manor houses and nature. Especially the historians have a wide choice to track down on history: the Danes, Germans, Polish, Swedes, the Russian Tsars, Napoleon, the Sowjets - they all contributed to many accomplishments as well as to lots of harm and suppression to this country and its inhabitants.

If you are interested in a certain field of studies - just tell us right away, and we will be delighted to help making your stay as stimulating and prolific as possible.

We are prepared to recommend books on history, nature and fiction. There is a small library of Estonian fiction available in German and English translations.

Estonia takes pride in being the world champion in offering internet access points. We share this pride by offering wireless internet access on the whole farm area.